"I have just done the new virtual online CPR class! What an amazing experience being able to do remote virtual one on one training from my home! It truly felt like I was in person in the class with the instructor! I highly recommend the course and the price was fantastic for the quality and how knowledgeable the instructors are! I needed to do a course as I have grandchildren that spend a lot of time with me! This is a course for all! ūüĎć"

-Sandy, Google Review

Teaching our Students Life Saving Techniques

We pride ourselves in making sure each student is confident in being able to prepare and execute proper life saving maneuvers. Browse our available classes below. 
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Our Classes

  • * MEDIC First Aid, PediatricPlus CPR, AED, and First Aid for Children, Infants and Adults
    • Designed to meet national standards for pediatric first aid, CPR, and AED training. MEDIC First Aid, PediatricPlus CPR, AED, and First Aid for Children, Infants, and Adults provides an ideal training solution¬†for schools, childcare providers, youth sports coaches and others¬†required to learn how to¬†respond to medical emergencies involving children and infants.¬†
  • * Bloodborne Pathogens
    • This class helps students who experience blood and bodily fluids in the workplace. Students will learn how pathogens spread, how to avoid exposure to these pathogens and what to do if they happen to be exposed to these pathogens.¬†They¬†will also learn how to properly dispose of bodily fluids.
  • ¬†Recertification's‚Ä謆
    • These are¬†abbreviated courses that remind students of what they learned in their first class, We will make sure that¬†our students still have proper techniques and are confident in¬†their ability. Recertification courses happen every two years.¬†

* Additional Cost for Classes Requiring 4+ hours of travel time for instructors
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We Offer Courses Designed by the Health and Safety Institute! 

Carolina's Premier Resource offers courses that are equivalent to the American Red Cross and to the American Heart Association. Our course is designed by the Health and Safety Institute (HSI) which is a recognized major sponsor of CPR training programs. What sets Carolina's Premier Resource apart is that we have structured our courses into bundled pricing . The individual or the group does not have to pay for separate remaining skills. Here at Carolina's Premier Resource, we feel that these lifesaving skills go hand in hand, and we have created classes accordingly. 
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The program that Medic First Aid offers is the course that we teach to all of our students. This course allows students to learn real life saving techniques through hands on experience. This program was developed by the Health and Safety Institute (HSI) and is used by thousands of public and private organizations. 
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The Health and Safety Institute (HSI) strives to create a safe environment in the workplace and in the community. HSI serves as an educational resource for individuals, businesses and trainers to teach First Aid, Safety Training, and Emergency Training to students across the nation.

We Offer the Same Hands On Training for a FRACTION of the Price! 

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* Additional Cost for Classes Requiring 4+ hours of travel time for instructors
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Group Rates

Training your staff on how to save a life is one of the best investments you can make for yourself, your employees, and for your business. We pride ourselves in giving a top of the line first aid education and experience to each of our students. If you're interested in getting a class set up for you and your staff, please give us a call at 980.322.8602.

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